Happy New Year!!!

May 2011 bring you all the Love, Peace, Joy, Health, Wealth and Happiness possible!!!

I must confess I'm only too happy to see the back of 2010!
It was one of the worst medical years I've ever had - starting from February. I had malaria twice, I fell off a boat and into the sea in Hong Kong (I don't know how to swim and neither was I wearing a life jacket!) I had slipped disc surgery in May in Los Angeles, and as if all of that wasn't enough, I slipped and tore 3 ligaments on my knee, including my ACL!
So you see... I'm pretty happy to see the back of 2010.

But, before I knock it completely, I must admit... If it wasn't for 2010 and all the ill health I'd experienced, I'd never have managed to set up what I have for 2011, as I wouldn't have had the time on my hands to do so otherwise.

So as much as I kiss 2010 Goodbye, I thank it for being that rung in my ladder that's helped me climb important steps ahead to be able to maximize 2011!

And 2011, I hope, is going to be an Amazing year!!! I promise to keep you posted. There will be Loads to tell!!! And No - marriage is not on the cards as there is no man in my life and I am very much single!

My New Year Resolution: To write on my site more often!!!

But before I sign off I must tell you, I read Every Single Message you send me... I thank you for your thoughts and kind words.... I'm honestly humbled and touched with the time and effort you put in to write to me! Please don't stop!

Have a WONDERFUL, WONDERFUL 2011!!! :)

Lots of love,